Set proxy servers in the K-Meleon browser

K-Meleon is the fastest and the easiest to configure web browser with tons of features. If you use the fast K-Meleon browser and want to use proxy servers to hide your IP address, then you can do so in easy steps. Here is how :

First of all you need an HTTP proxy server. You can get a free proxy server from The CoDeen proxy servers are the best. Note down the server address and the port number. In the following instructions we will be using a proxy server with IP address and port number 3128.

  1. Open your K-Meleon web browser.
  2. Select from the menubar Tools → Proxy → Configure.

  3. Click on the New Configuration tab.
  4. Enter a name for the configuration. I have used CoDeen for the name of the new configuration. Enter the IP address and the port number in the HTTP proxy field. Then click the Save button.

  5. Click Close button to close the Preferences window.
  6. Now if you select Tools → Proxy sub-menu from the menu bar, you would find your new proxy configuration listed there. You can select this proxy configuration to start using this proxy. In my case, I would have to select CoDeen from the list.

Unlike in any other browser, you can create as many proxy configurations in K-Meleon as you want. Switching to a proxy server configuration is a matter of mouse click. Just select a proxy configuration from Tools → Proxy. If you want to turn off the proxy servers, just select Tools → Proxy → Direct Connection.

Caution : Do not use proxy servers for visiting sites that require you to send sensitive data like banking or other money transations etc. The data is sent through the proxy server and may be captured by the third party.