Change taskbar icons thumbnail size in Windows Vista

Windows Vista shows a thumbnail when you hover your mouse over the icon of a window in the taskbar. This is useful feature as you can see the preview of a window without even bringing it to foreground. By default, Windows Vista shows thumbnails of size 150×155 pixels. But you can enlarge the these thumbnails size to anything you want using the Vista Thumbnail Sizer. This is how :

  1. Download Vista Thumbnail Sizer .
  2. Extract the contents of the zip archive to a folder and run AveThumbnailSizer.exe.

  3. In this window, you can change the values of maximum thumbnail width and maximum thumbnail height. You can also change if the thumbnails be shown with an fade in animation. You would see the change take place immediately. Just hover your mouse cursor over an icon in the taskbar.

  4. If you want the changes to be permanent (every time you start Windows), then the Vista Thumbnail Sizer should be running at every Windows startup. To do this you can click on Start AveVistaThumbnailSizer with Windows button.

Note : This program makes changes in the running instance of explorer.exe. This may crash Windows Explorer or it may behave differently. If your Windows Explorer starts to crash after using this program, then close this program, disable it to start at Windows startup and restart explorer.exe. To restart explorer.exe, just log off and log on.