Change your Twitter page design

The popular microblogging service — Twitter, allows you to customize the look of your Twitter page. You can change the background picture and text colors. Here is how :

  1. Login to your Twitter account.
  2. Click on the Settings link on the top-right menu as shown,

  3. On the settings page, click the Design tab as shown,

  4. You can choose a theme from the gallery by clicking on it and you will notice the changes immediately.
  5. If you want to customize background and use your own background image, then click on Change background image button a the bottom of themese gallery. Browse for a picture from your computer. The picture should be less than 800 kilobytes in size. Only GIF, PNG and JPEG images are allowed. You can choose to tile the background image, by checking the checkbox labeled tile background. Then click save changes button at the bottom.

  6. If you want to change the design colors, click on the Change design colors. Then choose colors for different parts of web page like background, text, links etc. as shown,

  7. When you are done, click on save changes at the bottom.