Run tasks when computer is idle in Windows Vista

When a computer is idle for a specified time, Windows either sends the computer to sleep or the monitor is turned off. But now you can run tasks when the computer is idle for some time using the System Silencer. Here is how :

  1. Download System Silencer from
  2. Run the System Silencer by double clicking the downloaded file system_silencer.exe.
  3. The System Silencer will start minimized to the system tray. Right click on the system tray icon and select Show/hide configuration window as shown,

  4. In the configuration window you can set how long your computer has to be idle for the tasks to be triggered by the System Silencer. The default idle timeout is 10 minutes, but you can set it to be anything you like.

  5. You can also choose different things to do when idle timeout is reached like turn off the monitor, turn off sound (mute computer) etc. You can choose to run a program of your choice too.

  6. You can even add the System Silencer to auto-start with Windows by checking the checkbox labeled Add System Silencer to startup.
  7. When you are done changing the configuration, click on the button labeled Save and Apply.