Tweet from the location bar of Mozilla Firefox

Twitter is a very popular social networking and micro blogging site. Normally, you have to post your tweets by going to Twitter’s web site or using a third party application. But now you can tweet right from the location bar of Mozilla Firefox using an add-on called TwitterBar. Here is how :

  1. Visit in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the big green button labeled Add to Firefox as shown,

  3. If Firefox shows a yellow confirmation bar to allow installation of add-on, click Allow

  4. Click on the Install button when asked,

  5. Restart Firefox to finish the installation.

After the installation of the TwitterBar add-on and restarting the Firefox browser, you are ready to tweet from your Firefox browser. To post a tweet, type it in Firefox browser’s your location bar (where you type the web site address) and append –post to it. For example : Hello, I just installed TwitterBar –post. The first time you do this, Twitter would ask you to allow TwitterBar to access your Twitter Account.

Click on the OK button and it will take you to your Twitter login page. Supply your Twitter credentials and you are done. Now you can post tweets using the TwitterBar add-on, right from the location bar of Firefox.

You can also type a tweet in your location bar and then click on the TwitterBar icon in the location bar. If you have a web site address in the location bar, a tweet beginning with Currently Browsing: and followed by the current web site address would be posted.

You can modify the options for this add-on from Tools → Add-ons. You can add or remove Twitter accounts, choose whether to show the Twitter icon in the location bar or not, choose what to prepend before a web site address, which URL shortening service to use and more.

You add multiple Twitter accounts to the TwitterBar. As such, you can also post using multiple Twitter accounts. To post to a specific account, just type –@account_name at the end of your tweet (but before typing –post). For example : Tweeting from my personal account. –@ladygaga –post. (If you have authorized more than one account but do not specify which one to post to, you will be asked to select from a list.)