Disable cache server in AVG 2011 antivirus

When you install AVG 2011 free edition, it starts to make a cache of trustworthy files. These files are then skipped in the future scans making the scan faster. But this caching of trustworthy files takes a lot of time and keeps your hard disk spinning for hours. If you want then you can disable cache server in AVG 2011. Here is how :

  1. Click on the AVG icon in the notification area. This would open the main AVG window. Alternatively, you can also double-click on the AVG 2011 shortcut on your desktop.

    AVG 2011 icon in the notification area

  2. In the main AVG 2011 window, click Tools → Advanced settings from the menubar.

    AVG 2011 - opening advanced settings from menubar

  3. From the left side options select Cache Server. Then in the right-side pane, un-check the checkbox labeled Caching enabled as shown.

    AVG 2011 - disable cache server

  4. Click OK button at the bottom to save the settings.