Enable auto-scanning of removable devices in AVG 2011 Free

We have previously published an article on how to automatically scan an inserted USB stick for viruses. The latest edition AVG antivirus – AVG 2011 already supports this functionality without using any extra tools. But this option for automatically scanning a removable device is disabled by default in AVG 2011 free edition. Here is how you can enable it and let it scan automatically the inserted removable device :

  1. Click on the AVG icon in the notification area. This would open the main AVG window. Alternatively, you can also double-click on the AVG 2011 shortcut on your desktop.

    AVG 2011 icon in the notification area

  2. In the main AVG 2011 window, click Tools → Advanced settings from the menubar.

    AVG 2011 - opening advanced settings from menubar

  3. From the left side options select Scan → Removable device scan. Then in the right-side pane, check the checkbox labeled Enable Removable device scan as shown.

    AVG 2011 - enable removable device scan

  4. You can also choose various other settings on the same page, like automatically heal infections, scan inside archives, enable thorough scanning etc and many more. When you are done, click OK button at the bottom to save the settings.

    AVG 2011 - saving settings