Record sound in WMA format in Windows 7

If you want to record your sound in Windows 7, then you would find the Windows Sound Recorder tool indispensable. The tool has come a long way since its Windows 98 days and now can record and save the sound in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. Here is how :

  1. It is important to select the device from which you are going to record. To select a default recording device, right-click on the speaker icon in your notification area (bottom-right on your screen) and choose Recording Devices

  2. In the windows that pops up, select a recording device, right-click on it and choose Set a Default Device. When a device is chosen to be set as default recording device, it shows a green check mark over it. Click OK to save the settings.

  3. You can start the Sound Recorder program from Start Menu → Accessories → Sound Recorder. You can also run it by typing SoundRecorder.exe in the Start Menu search field and pressing Enter.
  4. The Sound Recorder window presents a very simple interface. If you are ready to start recording just click on the Start Recording button on the left.

    You can also press the keyboard shortcut Alt + S to start recording.

  5. After you have done recording, click on the Stop Recording button. Again, you can press the keyboard shortcut Alt + S to stop recording.

  6. Sound Recorder will ask you to save the WMA file. Choose a location and file name and save the file.