Run a program as a different user in Windows XP

It is advised by security experts to normally use computer as a standard user and use the administrator level access only when needed. As a standard user, when you need to do administrative tasks like installing software, you do not have to log off and log on as administrator. But you can just run a program or run a command as Administrator right from your standard account session. Also, sometimes as an administrator, you want to run a program as a different user. The reasons may be that you want the program to save the settings in that users profile or you may want to install a program only for that user etc. Here is how you can run a program as a different user :

  1. Right click on a program file or a shortcut to a program.
  2. From the right-click context menu, choose Run as as shown :

  3. You will be shown a window titled Run As. Select the option The following user.

  4. Then type a user name and the associated password and click OK. You will see that the selected program runs with that user’s credentials.