Turn off Readyboost for a storage device in Windows 7

Windows ReadyBoost in Windows 7 can speed up your computer by using the extra space on the storage devices like USB sticks and SD cards. We have earlier discussed how to use Readyboost in Windows 7 for a storage device. But once you assign a device to use for Readyboost, Windows tries to use it for Readyboost every time you insert it. But do not worry, you can easily turn it off. Here is how :

  1. Plug a flash drive or flash memory card into your computer.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and right-click on the flash drive’s icon and select Properties.

    Opening Properties of the flash drive

  3. In the Properties dialog, select the Readyboost tab as shown,

    Turn off for Readyboost for Flash drive

  4. To turn off ReadyBoost for this device, click Do not use this device.
  5. Click on OK button to save the settings.