Using Order Prints online service in Windows 7

In Windows 7, you can order the prints of your photographs very easily over the internet. This is achieved by the Order Prints task built right inside the Windows Photo Viewer. The printing service is provided by the commercial printing companies in your area. Here is how you can do this :

  1. Select one or more photographs (picture files) on your hard disk you want to order prints of. Right-click on one of them and select Preview from the right-click menu.

    Open pictures in Windows Photo Viewer

  2. In the Windows Photo Viewer, select Print → Order prints.. from the menubar

    Select Order Prints from Windows Photo Viewer

  3. Windows will fetch a list of available printing companies in your area. Your area or your location is determined by what location you have set in your computer. Pick up a printing company of your choice and click Send Pictures.

    Choose a photo printing company

  4. Windows will warn you that by sending these selected pictures, you might be sending personal information. Click on the Send button to continue.

    Windows warning about personal information

  5. The next few steps depend upon the company you have selected. Basically, this involves you providing the size, the type and the quantity of the prints. You have to provide the shipping address and the payment information. Some companies complete this in three steps and some take more steps to finish.

    Ordering prints from Shutterfly

  6. If anytime you want to cancel the order, you can close the Order Prints window. Upon closing the window you would get a message that order was canceled. Click on the Finish to close the wizard.

    Canceling Order Prints wizard