Educate Yourself About Web Browsers

Many of us just think that the blue colored e-icon (of Microsoft Internet Explorer) on our desktop is our way to the internet. We double-click on it, and we can open web sites, check emails and watch videos. We do not realize that we have many more options in the field of web browsers. We know more about the car we drive everyday for a few hours, then the browser we use for many more hours everyday. Google has created a web site — for educating non-geeks about the web browsers.

You can visit the web site by clicking on this link : The website will automatically detect your browser and its version. It will show you when it was released and if it is too old.

What is a web browser?

I tried to open this website in Opera 11.0 but it failed to find out the web browser name and version. Besides guessing to see which browser you are using, WhatBrowser offers some tips on how to change your homepage, update your default search engine, and choose which browser your computer uses by default. The tips are shown automatically for the browser you are currently using.

The main reason why Google has set this web site up, is to educate people that they have a choice and many options. They do not have to use the web browser that came pre-installed on their computer. They can try new browsers and make their own choice depending on what they like. You can click on Try a new browser link at the bottom to open the links to various major web browsers.

Choose a new web browser from list?

Just click on a web browser icon and it will take you to the respective web site.

We spend a great deal of our time online everyday. Every web page on the Internet is experienced through the web browser. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that there are many browsers out there, which differ on features like speed, security, flexibility and extensibility.

So go ahead and tell all your family members that clicking on the blue colored “e” icon on their desktop can be a risky ordeal and that they have many more choices in the field of the web browsers.