Listen to Radio inside Chrome with Radio Player Live

Do you love to listen to the online radio channels? There are thousands of radio stations being broadcast live over the internet. These radio stations cover all the genres of music, comedy, talk, news and many more types of stations. Now you can listen to your favorite stations right inside the Google Chrome web-browser while browsing the web sites. This is possible using a Chrome extension called Radio Live Player. Here is how :

Radio Player Live extension for Chrome

  1. First of all install the Windows Media Player plugin from here : After the installation of the plugin, you will have to restart the Chrome browser.
  2. Visit Radio Player Live page in your Google Chrome browser.
  3. Click on the blue Install button to install the Radio Player Live extension.

    Download Radio Player Live extension for Chrome

  4. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install to proceed.

    Install Radio Player Live extension for Chrome

  5. As soon as you install the Radio Player Live extension, you are ready to use. Just click on the blue radio icon on the top-right of your Google Chrome browser. First time you would have to find radio stations by clicking on the Options.

    Options for Radio Player Live extension for Chrome

  6. On the options page, click on the Gallery of Radios button. You wil find a huge array of radio stations to choose from. You can even search a radio station of your like. Just click on the little Add button below a radio station to add it to your listen list.

    Choose Radio Stations in Radio Player Live

  7. Once you have added one or more radio stations to your listening list, you can click on the blue radio icon on the top-left of the Chrome browser. Choose a genre and you would see radio stations under that category. Click on a radio station under it. Then click on the triangular play button to start listening to that channel.

    Play a Radio Station in Radio Player Live

  8. You can open the Options page for this extension as described in the step 5 above. In the Options page you can change the appearance of the radio player, choose radio stations, manage your radio station list and much more.

Although many media players like WinAmp offer listening to radio stations online, but only this player offers you to listen to major radio networks like BBC, Virgin Radio and NPR. The radio stations are available from all over the world like France, USA, Canada, Brazil and Russia. This is definitely an extension which online radio lovers would never like to miss.