Turn any page upside down in Google Chrome

You want to play a little prank on your friend? Use Google Chrome web browser to turn every webpage upside down using the Upside Down extension for Google Chrome and tell your friend that he is should go see an eye specialist. Using the Upside Down extension, you can turn a whole webpage or its images upside down for the sake of fun. Here is how :

Turn webpage upside down in Chrome browser

  1. Visit Upside Down extension page in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Upside Down extension.

    Download Upside Down extension in Chrome browser

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install to proceed.

    Install Upside Down extension in Chrome browser

  4. As soon as you install the Upside Down extension, you are ready to use. To turn webpage upside down use the hotkey Windows logo key + ; (press and hold the Windows logo key and then press the semi-colon key). You will see the current webpage turned upside down.

    Webpage is turned upside down in Chrome browser

  5. If you press the Upside Down hotkey (Windows logo key + ;) a few more times, the page would be turned in many different ways eas time – finally bringing it back to the normal look.
  6. You can change the options for the Upside Down extension by typing chrome://extensions/ in the location bar of the Chrome browser and pressing Enter. Click on the Options link under the Upside Down extension as shown.

    Open options for Upside Down extensionr

  7. In the Options page, you can set what happens when press the hotkey – you can choose different modes like rotate whole page, rotate only images etc. You can choose to turn colored pictures into greyscale too.

    Change options for Upside Down extension

  8. If you are done with having all the fun with this Upside Down extension, then you can uninstall it. In the step 6 above, choose Uninstall instead of Options to uninstall this extension.