Turn any webpage into a shoot-em up game in Firefox

If you get bored doing the everyday work at your office, it would be a nice timeout from the boredom if you can turn any webpage in your web browser into a video game. The Destroy-the-Web addon for Mozilla Firefox does exactly that — it allows you t turn any webpage into a shoot-them-up video game. The game has a sound-track and you get scores for every webpage. This is how :

  1. Visit https://addons.mozilla.org/ in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the green Continue to Download button and then Add to Firefox to install the Destroy-the-Web add-on.

    Download the Destroy the Web addon for Firefox

    The addon size is around 4.0 MB and is probably bigger size download than any other Mozilla adddons.

  3. Restart Firefox to complete the installation of the add on.
  4. Once you have installed the Destroy-the-Web add-on, you are ready to use it. You will see the Destroy-the-Web icon on the Firefox toolbar. To start the game, just click on this Destroy-the-Web icon.

    Starting the Destroy the Web game in Firefox

  5. The Destroy-the-Web game would start on the currently open webpage. Your mouse cursor will turn into a cross-hair. You will be given 30 seconds to shoot all the objects on the current page. Shoot all the objects (like images, text, buttons etc.) within 30 seconds. Each time you shoot an object, you will score some points and sound of shooting will be played.

    Playing the Destroy the Web game in Firefox

  6. When 30 seconds are over or you have shot all the objects on a webpage, you will be shown your score. You can choose to submit your score to the Destroy-the-Web website where you can compare your score for the same webpage with other players of this video game. You can click on the Submit Score button to submit the score.

    Submit the scored for the Destroy the Web game

  7. You can change the add-on options from the Firefox menubar Tools → Add-ons and click on the Options button over the Destroy-the-Web add-on.

    Options for Destroy the Web addon

    You can choose the quality of animation shown when you shoot an element on a webpage. You can set it to high, medium or low. You can turn it off too if you want. You can also turn off the shooting sound as well.