Download Your Information from Your Facebook Account

Facebook has become most popular social networking site. Many Facebook users upload their videos and pictures directly to their Facebook account in order to share them with their families and friends. If you lose the mobile device, which contained many photos and videos you took using that device, then you can download those pictures, videos and other information from the Facebook account. Here is how :

  1. Login to your Facebook account in your browser.
  2. Click on the Account on your top-right and select Account Settings from the drop down list.

    Open Facebook Account Settings

  3. Click on the learn more link in front of the Download Your Information as shown.

    Download Information from Facebook Account

  4. Click on the Download button in the webpage that opens up.

    Download Information from Facebook

  5. You have to click again on another download button to confirm the process. By clicking on the download button, you send a request to the Facebook server so they can create a ZIP archive file containing all your uploaded pictures, videos and other information. After some time you would recieve an email containing the download link for this ZIP archive. Once you receive the email, you will have to re-enter your password and if you are using a public computer or one you do not use regularly, you may also have to solve a friend photo captcha or an SMS captcha via your Facebook linked mobile phone.

If you are in the habit of uploading the pictures and videos directly to you Facebook account from your mobile device, then it is a good idea to request Facebook to download a copy of all your Facebook information and have a copy on your local hard disk too. For more information, you can visit the Facebook web site at :