Find the Geographical Location of an IP Address

Many times we become curious as to where a certain IP address is located in the world. The IP Geolocation tool from IPFingerPrints helps you find the approximate geographic location of an IP address along with some other useful information including ISP, TimeZone, Area Code, State etc. This is very useful tool as it can help you find where persons (you are chatting with) is really located if you know their IP address. Here is how :

  1. Visit
  2. When you visit the site, it will show you, your own IP address and your own geographical location using the Google Maps. But you can check the geographical location of any IP address (or host name) by entering in the IP address field and clicking on the Discover button.
  3. IP to Geographical Location

  4. In a few seconds, it will show the geographical location of the entered IP address (or host name e.g., along with the area code, zip code, city, state, country, metro, longitude and lattitude. The national country flag of the location is also shown on the top-right of the map.

    IP to Geographical Location Map

For locations outside the USA, the state, metro and area codes etc. will not be shown for the obvious reasons. The IPFingerPrints web site fetches their data from two sources – Maxmind and HostIP. They disclaim that the data from Maxmind is 98% accurate on the country level and 70% accurate on the city level for the USA, and may be slightly wrong for a small percentage of users.