Slipstream SP1 on Windows 7 DVD

Microsoft has finally released the first service pack SP1 for Windows 7. If you want, you can slipstream (integrate) this service pack on the Windows DVD itself. The benefit of the slipstreaming is that you do not have to separately install it after installing Windows. When you install fresh copy of Windows 7, the SP1 would be installed by itself. Here is how you can slipstream the SP1 on the Windows 7 DVD :

Requirements :

  1. A Windows 7 DVD.
  2. The Windows 7 SP1 standalone installer. You can download the 32-bit version from here or the 64-bit version from here.
  3. The RT Seven Lite version 2.6 or above only.
  4. A good quality blank DVD-R or DVD-RW.
  5. A DVD writer drive.

Note: The RT Seven Lite 2.6 works better in Windows 7. The following steps were carried out on a Windows 7 Ultimate computer. If you have a Windows Vista or XP computer, then you need to install .NET 3.5 SP1 and Windows 7 WAIK before you start. These are not required on a Windows 7 computer.

Procedure :

  1. Copy all the files from your Windows 7 DVD to a temporary folder on your hard disk, e.g., C:Win7.
  2. Install RT Seven Lite and run it from its Start Menu or Desktop shortcut. On its main screen, click on the Browse → Select OS Path and browse to the folder where you have copied the Windows 7 files.

    Browse for Windows 7 files

  3. After analyzing the files, it would ask you which edition of Windows you want to configure. Choose an edition like Windows 7 Ultimate and check the checkbox labeled Slipstream Service Pack. Click OK to continue.

    Choose a Windows edition

  4. Next it will ask you the location of the standalone Windows 7 SP1 installer. Click on the Browse button and select the SP1 installer file e.g., windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe. Then click on the Start button to start the slipstreaming process. This process can take around one hour to complete, so you can let it run while you watch TV.

    Browse for SP1 installer

  5. After the slipstreaming is over, open the Task tab in the left-side. Check the ISO Bootable checkbox as shown.

    Choose ISO Bootable

  6. Insert a blank DVD in your DVD writer drive. Click on the ISO Bootable tab on the left-side. Choose the Direct Burn mode from the dropdown list on the top-left. If you have many DVD drives, then choose the correct one. Then click on the Direct Burn button on the bottom-right to start burning the Windows 7 SP1 slipstreamed DVD.

    Slipstream SP1 on Windows 7 DVD

  7. It will take a few minutes for the DVD burning process to finish. You can also choose to create an ISO image or create a bootable USB drive in the last step. That’s it. You have successfully slipstreamed SP1 on your Windows 7 DVD. Now you can delete the temporary folder you created in the first step.