Wipe Recoverable Data Using Moo0 Anti-Recovery

We have previously covered an article on how to wipe out your hard disks using the Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) CD. But DBAN CD wipes all the data from your hard disk. If you want to wipe just the previously deleted files and retain existing files, then you can use the Moo0 Anti-Recovery. Moo0 Anti-Recovery lets you easily erase any recoverable data from the empty space of your hard drive, leaving the existing files untouched.

You can download the Moo0 Anti-Recovery from http://www.moo0.com/software/AntiRecovery/. The download is in the form of an executable installer. The download file size is around 3 MB. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. At the end of the installation the Moo0 Anti-Recovery window would open up. You can also start it from its Desktop or Start Menu shortcut.

Moo0 Anti-Recovery

Select a drive to erase from the drop-down listbox. You can select any type of disk drive – hard disk drive, portable USB drive or a USB pen drive. If you have not attached any USB drive yet, then attach it to a USB port and click Refresh so that it can appear in the drop-down listbox.

It is recommended that you select all the options shown on the Moo0 Anti-Recovery window. Make sure you have closed all the applications which may modify or lock data on the selected drive. Also double-check that you do not have anything important in your Recycle Bin. Then click on Erase Recoverable Data Now! to start the wiping of the empty space on the selected drive. It will ask you for confirmation, choose Yes to continue.

Confirmation: Moo0 Anti-Recovery

It may take many minutes to complete all of the selected actions. The wiping of the free space takes the longest time to finish. You will see the progress for all the selected actions in separate progress bars. When all the actions are compeleted, you will be notified that the operation is complete.

Operation Complete: Moo0 Anti-Recovery

The Moo0 Anti-Recovery is a useful tool to wipe recoverable hard disk space. If you do not want to wipe the whole hard disk but just want to wipe the empty space and make sure nobody is able to recover the previously deleted files, then Moo0 Anti-Recovery is an ideal choice for you.