Securely Erase Files Using the Codyssey Freeraser

When you delete files on your Windows based computer, the file is removed from the file table but the file data stays there. Anyone with proper tools to recover data can recover deleted files and has access to your private or secret deleted documents. But do not worry, you can use Codyssey Freeraser to securely erase any file in such a way that it becomes unrecoverable.

Codyssey Freeraser is a software tool for an unrecoverable destruction of digital information. If you have any sensitive information or classified files on your computer, you should take measures to avoid leakage of this data. Destruction of data using Data Shredder is essential to protect your secrets.

You can download the Codyssey Freeraser from The download is in the form of an setup installer. The download file size is around 2 MB. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. You can choose to install it as a regular program or as a portable program. At the end of the installation the Freeraser would start and you would see a big Recycle Bin icon on your computer. This is the main interface for Freeraser.

Codyssey Freeraser Tool

To securely erase a file just right-click on this big icon and choose Select File to Destroy and pick a file you want to shred. You can also right-click on the notification area icon to get the same pop-up menu. As soon as you select the file, you will see a final confirmation that the selected file would be completely destroyed. Click on the Continue link to go ahead and destroy this file.

Destroy a file using Freeraser Tool

Depending on the size of the selected file and the shredding method (destruction mode), it may take long or short time to finish the shredding process. During this process, the file is continusouly overwritten with random data a number of times to make it unrecoverable. You can choose a destruction mode by right-clicking on the main window (or the notification area icon) and choosing System → Destruction Mode. You can pick from the Fast, the Forced and the Ultimate mode.

Destruction modes for Freeraser Tool

A Fast destruction (1-round filling of random data), a Forced destruction (3 rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M), and an Ultimate destruction (35 rounds of filling with data according to Gutmann method). Obvisouly, the stronger method you choose, the longer it is going to take to finish.

If you want to get rid of a file for good in such a way that nobody is able to recover the deleted data, then the Freeraser tool is for you. It is free, has an easy to use interface and it can be installed on portable USB pen drives. All you have to do is drag and drop a file over the big Freeraser icon. The secure file destruction was never so easy and straight forward process.