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Google has always come up with new and innovative ideas. Now Google has brought forward a Google Talk bot called Guru who you can chat with and ask your questions. Google Talk Guru is an experimental service that allows people to get information like sports results, weather forecasts, definitions etc. via chat. It works on many popular chat applications that support Google Talk.

To start chatting with the GoogleTalk Guru, all you have to do is send a chat invitation to If you are using Gmail in your web browser, then you can send an invite to the Google Guru right from your browser. Just type in the Chat field (displayed on the left side in Gmail) and press Enter to start chatting with the Guru.

GoogleTalk Guru - Sending invite in Gmail

If you are using the GoogleTalk client for Windows, then its pretty easy to add GoogleTalk Guru to your friends list as well. Again just click on the Add button on the bottom in the GoogleTalk client and type to be added. Click Next to finish adding the Guru.

GoogleTalk Guru - Sending invite in Windows client

You can send various queries to the Guru like asking the latest score, weather, mathematical calculation, current conversion, definition of words or phrases, translation of sentences from one language to another etc. You can also ask the Guru for helping about something.

GoogleTalk Guru - asking questions

Here are some of the example queries you can ask from the GoogleTalk Guru :

Purpose Example
sports scores score arsenal
weather weather New York
calculate 123 + 45 – 9
currency 1200 YEN to USD
definition define tsunami
translation translate amiga from Spanish to English
web result web Japan
help help translate

The GoogleTalk Guru is still an experimental feature and we expect Google to take it further and add more features to it in the future. For more information about the GoogleTalk Guru and the syntax to be used for the queries and questions, please visit the GoogleTalk Guru web site at

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  1. I want answer of following :
    if the were made of wood the mass of wooden earth is 10% as much as it is now , without the change in its diameter .calculate the escape velocity of space shot from the surface of wooden earth.

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