Remove GeoLocation Permission for Websites in Firefox

The GeoLocation service is anew feature in most of the web browsers using which a website can request for your geographical location on this planet. This information is used for providing you with related local content. When first time a web site asks you for the geographical location in the Firefox browser, you have to give the permission and it is stored in the Firefox browser. Next time, that web site will not ask and automatically use the GeoLocation feature. If you want, you can remove the GeoLocation permission that you have given previously in Firefox. Here is how :

GeoLocation in Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and visit the web site you gave the GeoLocation permission previously.
  2. Press the Alt key to make the menubar visible.
  3. From the menubar select Tools → Page Info

    Open PageInfo in Firefox

  4. In the Page Info window, select the Permissions tab.
  5. Under the Share Location section choose Block and then check Always Ask checkbox as shown.

    Remove GeoLocation for a website in Firefox

  6. Close the Page Info window. That’s it. You have successfully cleared the GeoLocation permissions for this web site.

If you do not want to remove the GeoLocation permissions for different web-sites one-by-one, then you can just delete the permissions.sqlite which can be found in your Firefox profile folder. This would not only delete the GeoLocation permissions for all the web sites but also all kinds of permissions.