Block Malicious Sites with G-Data CloudSecurity Add-on

Everyday more and more phishing and other malicious web sites are reported. The only way to protect yourself from these is to block them in real-time. You can use the free G-Data CloudSecurity plugin for web browsers to block such dangerous and suspicious web sites. It effectively blocks access to known malware distribution and phishing websites – in realtime. The plugin can be used alongside any other installed security suite and is ready for action after installing; no additional configuring required.

G Data CloudSecurity

You can download the free G-Data CloudSecurity plugin from The download file-size is around 6.6 MB and it is in form of an installable setup executable. Running the setup program will automatically install the plugins for popular browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Currently, this plugins is not provided for any other browser.

After the installation, you would see the plugin (add-on) added automatically in both Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox web browsers. You can see the add-on icon in the browser toolbar. As you visit a phishing or malicious web site, it gets blocked automatically. You can also test if the add-on is working by clicking on the CloudSecurity icon and selecting Test Protection as shown.

Test G Data CloudSecurity

If for some reason, you want to disable the G-Data CloudSecurity add-on temporarily, you can click on the add-on icon in the toolbar and select Disable Protection. This plugin is very easy to use and has no more settings or options.

The G-Data CloudSecurity is compatible if all the security products you might have installed on your computer. You have to note that this is not a complete security solution and you should install other real-time antivirus solutions for full protection. For more information, you can visit the G-Data CloudSecurity web site at