LockNote for Storing Confidential Information

LockNote is a portable program that lets you store all your confidential data inside its notepad like interface using the AES-256 cipher. You can store your serial numbers, passwords, and other types of text notes in an encrypted form. It is truly portable in the sense that all your data is encrypted and stored in the program itself – without needing any extra files. It is just a single file and can be placed on a portable media like a USB flash drive.

You can download the LockNote program from http://sourceforge.net/projects/locknote/. The download comes in form of a ZIP archive. You can extract the program file LockNote.exe on your hard disk and start using it right away.

LockNote main window

When the program opens up, just type in your private data like passwords or serials inside it. You can also store any plain text files (.txt documents) inside the LockNote by dragging and dropping them onto the LockNote window. Finally just close the window. When LockNote closes for the first time, it would ask you to supply a password. Supply a good secure password and you have encrypted and saved your data in the LockNote program.

LockNote - Supply a new password

Next time you try to open the LockNote program it would ask you for a password. You have to supply the password you used the first time you supplied. If later you want to change the password, you can select File → Change Password from the menubar a shown.

LockNote - Changing password

As you store more and more data, the file size of LockNote.exe would keep on increasing because more and more encrypted data is stored inside it. If you store plain text files (.txt documents) inside it, then the filesize of LockNote.exe increase more as compared to storing just typed information.

LockNote uses the industry standard AES-256 bit cipher which is very strong and highly secure. Just put this file on your portable USB flash drive and you can access your data on any Windows computer without having to install anything. LockNote is definitely the best portable encryption software for storing your sensitive or private information on the fly.