Protect Your Web Browser with Free Bitdefender TrafficLight

The Internet is full of attack web sites that distribute and drop malware on your computer, steal your identity and turn your computer into a zombie in a botnet. The only way to protect yourself online while browsing the web sites, is to check the safety of a site before you visit it. The Bitdefender TrafficLight is a free cross-browser web threat control which helps you prevent all the phishing, malicious and harmful websites from being opened in your browser. It supports all the major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari etc.

The Bitdefender TrafficLight website has all the links to the add-ons for different supported web browsers. The TrafficLight extension sends anonymous usage information to the BitDefender servers by default. Although this is not such a big issue, but you can disable this option from the Bitdefender TrafficLight settings. You can open the Bitdefender TrafficLight Settings by clicking on the TrafficLight icon in the toolbar and then clicking on the Settings in the popup window.

Bitdefender TrafficLight

On the settings page, you can toggle on and off various settings like phishing filter, malware filter, search results analyzer, anti-fraud filter and facebook/twitter protection. You can also switch off sending of the anonymous usage statistics to Bitdefender servers.

Bitdefender TrafficLight

After the installation, TrafficLight starts to protect you from malicious when you look up a search engine like Google for a term, it would show ratings for all the links in the search list. It shows a red cross for a malicious web site, a yellow button for fraud or phishing website and a green button for a safe web site. You can hover the mouse cursor over the rating icon to see more details.

Bitdefender TrafficLight

Similarly, when you visit a web site, you would see its rating in the browser toolbar – green for safe, yellow for fraud and red for malicious sites. The toolbar button also shows the number of trackers on a website. You can click on the TrafficLight button in the toolbar to view more information about the trackers.

Bitdefender TrafficLight

Conclusion: The Bitdefender TrafficLight is a great tool for preventing yourself from the malicious, fraudulent and phishing sites over the Internet. It brings a complete secure and safe web browsing experience to your web browsers. It also detects and blocks suspicious links on your Facebook wall and Twitter feed.

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