Remove Your Face, House or Car from Google Street View

The Google Street View is a part of the Google Maps, which lets you explore the world at the street level. The Google Street View service is not available for the entire world but for most of the countries. Using this service you can view any street with houses, cars and sometimes standing people in it. Google usually edits or blurs the faces of people and car registration numbers. But if they forget to do so, then you can request them to remove your personal identification information like face, house, car registration number etc. Here is how :

  1. Visit in your browser and search for your house. You can drop the pegman over a street in the map to start the Street View as shown. Then check if you can find any information that you think should be removed.

    Google Street View

  2. If you find any information being shown is personal identifiable and should be removed, then click on the Report a problem on the bottom-left corner of the Street View as shown.

    Google Street View - Report a Problem

  3. Click on the Privacy Concerns link and then select face, house or car and other details to tell Google what kind of problem you are reporting and what you would like to be blurred. You can also type in more details in the report.

    Google Street View - Request to Blur Details

  4. Finally move around the street view in the Image Preview area so that the problematic area is covered by the red-square. Enter your valid email address, the Captcha code and click on the Submit button.

    Google Street View - Focus on the problem

  5. After receiving your request, the Google Street View team will review the problem and would blur your private details.