Recover Forgotten Twitter Password from Browser History

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging service in the world. Everyone loves to tweet and share links pictures and other information over Twitter. Imagine you lose or forget your Twitter login password. Do not worry or panic, you can easily recover your forgotten Twitter password from the browser history using the Twitter Password Decryptor tool. Here is how :

Note : If you disabled the storing of passwords in your browser, then you cannot recover your Twitter password from the browser login history.

  1. Download Twitter Password Decryptor from
  2. Extract all the files from the downloaded ZIP archive in a folder. The file contains an installable edition as well as the portable edition. The portable edition is inside the Portable Version subfolder.

    Twitter Password Decryptor

  3. Double-click on the TwitterPasswordDecryptor.exe to run the Twitter Password Decryptor tool.
  4. Your Twitter passwords stored in all the installed browsers would be shown in the list. The passwords are initially hidden behind the asterisk masks. You can click on the Show Password button to view the plain text password. You can also export the passwords to an HTML or text file.

    Twitter Password Decryptor

If you cannot find your Twitter password in the browser history, then you can always use the official password recovery page of the Twitter to recover the password. Just visit and enter your e-mail address or username. A link would be sent to your e-mail address using which you can reset your Twitter password.