Backup and Restore Windows Credentials in Windows 7

When you select for Windows to remember your credentials (username and password) for various things like a domain or windows login, it gets stored in Windows Credentials Manager. This makes you auto-login for that domain or website next time, saving you from the trouble and saving your precious time. If you want, you can create backups and restore these saved credentials. You can also backup credentials on one computer and transfer them on another computer. Here is how :

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut Windows Logo Key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr in the Run dialog and press Enter.

    Backup and Restore Windows Credentials

  3. Click on the button labeled Back up… to backup the currently stored credentials.

    Backup and Restore Credentials

  4. Choose a destination CRD file by clicking on the Browse button and follow the on-screen directions. You will be asked to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to switch to the secure desktop. Make sure you supply a good password.

    Backup and Restore Windows Credentials

  5. Later if you want to restore these credentials (or transfer them to a different computer), then click on the Restore… button. You will be asked to provide the location of the credentials backup file with an extension of .CRD. The rest of the process would be similar to backing up the credentials – you will have to switch to the secure desktop by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Del and then provide the password you used when backing up.


  1. This dialog shows none of the IE (11) credentials. Thanks for the comment from MS crew.

    Nevertheless, this leaves open the question: “How the heck is it possible to export/import those damn credentials?!”

  2. This dialog is useful only for system credentials you cant backup website credentials. In Control Panel/Accounts and Family Security/ Credential Manager you see 2 types of credentials. First Web Stored by Internet Explorer and second System Credentials. Dialog described in this post can suport only System Credentials.

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