Disable Search Direct in Yahoo Search

The Search Direct feature from Yahoo! is Yahoo’s answer for Google’s instant search. You type a search phrase and results are displayed without your needing to hit the Enter key. This can be very useful but some of us do not really need this. If you are the one who likes the old way of hitting the Enter key on your keyboard for getting the results from the Yahoo! search, then you can disable the Search Direct feature. Here is how :

  1. Visit the Yahoo! search webpage, click on the More → Preferences to open the Preferences page. Alternatively, you can visit the Yahoo! preferences page at http://www.search.yahoo.com/preferences/preferences.

    Disable Yahoo! Search Direct

  2. Click on the Edit link on the right-side of the Search Direct preference as shown.

    Disable Yahoo! Search Direct

  3. Select Off from the options and then click on the Save button to save the settings.

    Disable Yahoo! Search Direct

If you are not logged in your Yahoo! account then the settings will not be saved permanently but only on the local web browser using the cookies. As soon as you clear the browser cache, the preferences will be cleared. If you are logged into your Yahoo! account then the settings will be saved to your personal Yahoo! account permanently.

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