Find How Much it Takes to Print Your Twitter Timeline

Twitter is the popular microblogging web site that everyone is using these days from teenagers to celebrities. If you are tweeting for a while, have you ever wondered how long it would take to print your entire twitter timeline, how much paper is needed to print all of your tweets etc. Well, you can get an estimate without actually printing using the the Print Effect web site. Here is how :

  1. Visit the Print Effect web site at
  2. Enter your twitter username in the text field shown, and click on the Search button.

    The Print Effect

  3. In a moment you would be shown the statistics using a graphical chart showing how many paper sheets it would take it print whole of your Twitter timeline.

    The Print Effect

  4. You are also shown how many ink cartridges it would take to print them and how much it would cost you.

The Print Effect web site is a fun way to know that how much paper and ink is required to print your tweets. This not only makes you realize how much paper and ink you can save and thus save money, but also help the environment in your everyday printing needs.