Report Copyright Infringement on YouTube

You burnt midnight oil to create an impressive video and uploaded it on YouTube. But soon you find that others have copied and shared that very same video on their own YouTube channels. This makes everyone furious. You should not just get angry about such instances, but also report about such videos and ask YouTube to take them down. Here is how :

  1. Visit in your browser. You have to login to your YouTube account before you can report a copyright infringement case.
  2. Select what kind of issue you are reporting. Normally, you would select Copyright infringement.

    Report copyright infringement

  3. Now select who is affected. If you are reporting for a company, then select the appropriate option. If you are reporting for yourself, then select I am!. Then copy paste the URL of the video which is violating the copyright. You can add URLs of more than one videos.

    Report copyright infringement on YouTube

  4. Fill in your information like your real name, address, phone number etc. This information has to be correctly filled in because the claimant information will be published on the YouTube site in place of disabled content after the copyright infringing video is disabled.

    Report YouTube copyright infringement

  5. Finally, agree to the given information by selecting all the checkboxes. Type your name in the given box which is take equivalent to your digital signature. Click on the Submit Complaint button to report the copyright infringement. Remember that the information given by you under the penalty of perjury, so double-check everything before submitting the information.

    Report copyright infringement on YouTube

For more information about the copyright rules and reporting the copyright infrigement on YouTube, you can visit the web page.