Backup and Restore Windows Activation in Windows 7

After you have installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on your computer, you must activate it or it will expire and stop working after thirty days. You are given a choice of activating the Windows 7 over the internet or through the telephone. Microsoft has also put a restriction on how many times you can use your Windows license key for activating Windows in order to curb the piracy. You can use the Windows license key only ten times after which you will not be able to activate Windows using the same key.

Someone has come up with a solution called 7 Tokens Manager to backup your Windows activation information (tokens and keys) so that you can activate your Windows 7 from this backup without actually going online and contacting Microsoft. This way you can reinstall Windows unlimited number of times and activate it from the backup.

You can download 7 Tokens Manager from The download is in form of a RAR archive file. Use a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract files from it to a subfolder on your desktop. Then double-click on 7Tokens Manager v1.2.exe to run the 7 Tokens Manager. The filename may be different for you depending on the version number. The program is completely portable so you ca run it off a USB pen drive.

Backup and Restore Windows 7 Activation

The program is very simple and straightforward. Just click on the Backup button to start the backing up process. The backup of tokens, Windows serial and the certificate would be created in the Backup subfolder. You should copy and save this folder in a safe place as it contains your Windows 7 activation files. It is a better idea to copy the 7 Tokens Manager along with it.

Later if you want to restore the Windows 7 activation from the backup. Just run the 7 Tokens Manager program again. It would auto-detect the backup in the Backup subfolder. This time you would see a Restore button instead of the Backup button. Just click on this Restore button to start the restoring process.

Backup and Restore Windows 7 Activation

If you want to delete the old backups, so you can create a fresh backup copy of your tokens, serial and the certificate, then just click on the Delete button and your backup would be deleted.