How to Update Your Twitter Profile Picture

Twitter has become a dominant micro blogging site. Recently we saw that many peoples movements in various countries took birth on twitter. It has revolutionized the modern world in a true sense. If you also have a twitter account, you should update your profile picture to personalize and make it look more authentic. You can easily update your twitter profile picture. Here is how you can change or set your twitter account profile picture :

  1. Login to your twitter account in a web browser by visiting
  2. Once you have logged into your twitter account, click on your user name on the top-right of the twitter web site. Select Settings from the drop-down list.

    Update Twitter Profile Picture

    Then click on the Profile link on the settings page. This would open the profile settings page in twitter for you.

    Update Twitter Profile Picture

    Alternatively, you can try to open your profile settings page by visiting directly.

  3. On the Profile settings page the first option you would find is to upload a picture of yourself. Click on the Choose button to pick a picture from your computer, that you want to set as your twitter profile picture. The picture format allowed are JPG, PNG and GIF. You can upload a picture of maximum size 700 kilobytes only.

    Update Twitter Profile Picture

  4. After you have chosen a picture, scroll down to the bottom of the profile settings page and click on the blue colored Save button.

    Update Twitter Profile Picture

  5. That’s it. You should get a message that your profile picture has been successfully updated.

The twitter profile information appears on your public twitter profile, search results, and beyond. Everyone can see your profile picture. It helps instantly identify you to those following you, and tells those who do not know more about you. You can lock your tweets and make them private but the profile picture is always public and everyone can see it.

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