How to Terminate Your Yahoo! Account

Yahoo! has been going down the hill for last few years. More and more people are leaving Yahoo! services for better options from Google, Bing and Facebook. If you also feel that you no longer need a Yahoo! account, then you can terminate it for ever. The termination of your Yahoo! account will result in deletion of your Yahoo! ID, email address and profile names – in addition to the account data and settings across the Yahoo! network. Here is how you can terminate your Yahoo! account :

To remove your entire Yahoo! account, you have to visit the Yahoo! Account Deletion page You will be asked to sign in or verify your password for the account you wish to remove. After you have signed in, you will land on the account deletion page. It will show you Yahoo! ID and associated profiles.

Terminate Yahoo! Account

Read the information given on that page carefully. It describes which services and what would be terminated when you proceed to terminate your account. If you are subscribed to any paid Yahoo! premium services, we recommend that you first cancel your these paid premium services by visiting before deleting your account. There is no guarantee that deleting your Yahoo! account will immediately cancel the billing for any paid premium services to which you subscribed.

Terminate Yahoo! Account

At the bottom of this page is the box where you have to re-confirm by typing your Yahoo! account password again. Then enter the captcha code which is available in the visual text format and also in the audible format. Finally, click on the Terminate This Account button as shown above. Soon you would see the notification that your account has been secheduled for deactivation.

Terminate Yahoo! Account

The Yahoo! account is not immediately terminated but scheduled for termination. The termination process takes ninety days (three months). According to Yahoo!, this is for discouraging users from enagaging in any fraudulant activities.

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