Tell Sites Not to Track You in Firefox 5

Many web sites track your browsing behavior in order to present you with products or advertisements that better suite your web browsing pattern. This includes information about what sites you visit, things you like, dislike and purchase. Some people think this is clearly a violation of personal privacy. If you also are concerned with being tracked then you can use a new feature in Firefox 5 using which you can tell all the sites that you do not want to be tracked. Although this do-not-track feature was already present in Firefox 4, it has been modified and there is different way of turning this setting on in Firefox 5. Here is how you can turn on do-not-track feature in Firefox 5 :

  1. Start Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the orange Firefox button on the top-left corner and select Options → Options to open the Options window.

    Do Not Track in Firefox

  3. In the options window, select the Privacy tab.
  4. Check the checkbox labeled Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked as shown.

    Do Not Track in Firefox

  5. Click on the OK button to save the settings.

After turning on the do-not-track feature, Firefox tells every web site that you visit that you do not want your browsing pattern to be tracked. Although honoring this request is completely in the hands of the individual sites. Also one more thing to be noted is that you may start to see irrelevant advertisements on various sites once you turn on the do-not-track feature.