Customize Windows Explorer Toolbar in Windows 7

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has come a long way since the Windows XP days. But there are still some things or buttons that you wish were present in the Windows Explorer toolbar. Windows provides no way to add extra custom buttons to the Windows Explorer toolbar. But there is a third party free utility called Customize Explorer Toolbar which can help you customize the Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar. Using it, you can add buttons like Copy, Cut, Delete etc. in the Explorer toolbar. Here is how :

  1. Download free Customize Explorer Toolbar from You can extract CustomizeExplorerToolbar.exe from this ZIP file using a free archiver tool like 7-Zip. Then double-click on CustomizeExplorerToolbar.exe to run it.

    Customize Windows Explorer Toolbar

  2. Select an Action in the Customize Explorer Toolbar window. You can choose Add the specified toolbar button to add selected buttons. If you choose Remove the specified toolbar buttons to remove the selected buttons.
  3. In the Toolbar Mode choose when the buttons are visible – when some items in the folder are selected or when nothing is selected.
  4. In the Button List choose any button or buttons thatyou want to add to your Windows Explorer toolbar. You should not choose too many of the toolbar buttons or your toolbar would look crowded with buttons. Just pick the ones that are going to be really helpful to your daily work.
  5. In the Folder Type, select in what kinds of folder you want those buttons to appear in the toolbar. If you select the Generic Folders then the buttons would appear in any kind of folders.
  6. Finally, click on the Do It ! button to make the changes in the Windows registry to add the buttons. The buttons would be immediately visible in the Windows Explorer.

The free utility ‘Customize Explorer Toolbar’ from NitSoft makes it very easy to customize your Windows 7 Explorer toolbar. You do not have to dive into the Windows registry and make any changes. All the changes in the registry are handled automatically at the click of a button. For more information about the Customize Explorer Toolbar tool, you can read the NirSoft page at