Try A Tattoo Online For Free

Have you ever imagined how a tattoo looks on your neck, arm, legs or some other part of your body but have always been afraid of trying it in real ? Your fear is justified as once you have had a tattoo art tattooed on your body, it becomes permanent. So why not try a tattoo before having it inked into your skin ? You can try a tattoo online for free at All you have to do is upload your picture, choose a tattoo type, resize and move it around to see how it looks. Here is how :

  1. Visit web site in your web browser.
  2. Choose a type of tattoo art you want to try. You can choose from dragon tattoo art, tribal tattoo art, flower tattoo art or cross tattoo art designs. A new link would appear clicking on which would open a tattoo site related to those designs where you can try them for free. I am going to try the flower tattoo designs.

    Tray A Tattoo Online for Free

  3. In the site that opens, you will see a Adobe Flash application where you can try a tattoo art. You can use the picture already shown by default, or you can upload your own picture. You can upload your own picture by clicking on the Try your own pics. You can choose from many different tattoo art designs by clicking on the button Designs. I am going to upload a picture of Scarlett Johansson for testing.

    Tray A Tattoo Online for Free

  4. You can resize the tattoo design by dragging it from corners to match your limbs size in your picture. You can also move it around by clicking on it and dragging it. To make the resize helpers disappear, just click anywhere else in the picture. In the following picture, I have set a flower tattoo on the arm using this application.

    Tray A Tattoo Online for Free

  5. After this you can print this tattooed picture of yourself by clicking on the Print button or you can save the picture by clicking on the Save button. Both printing and saving functions require that you “Like” their site on their facebook page. Once you have printed your picture with a tattoo of your choice, you can take it to your nearest tattoo shop to have it inked in. You can also just show off the picture to your friends and family and trick them to have some fun.

The web site is a great place to try a tattoo design on your own picture for free at the comfort of your home. They have hundreds of captivating tattoo designs that grab everyone’s attention. You can print and save your tattooed picture without having the tattoo inked in real. I am sure that this site is going to help you out choose a sexy tattoo for yourself and your friends.