Find Best Hotel Rooms Using Google Hotel Finder

If you are tired of finding hotel rooms online on various web sites, you can try finding a hotel or motel room using the Google Hotel Finder. All you have to do is enter the area where you are trying to find a hotel or motel room and select the check in dates. Google Hotel Finder would show a list of all the hotels or motels in that location. Google Hotel Finder can help you find hotel rooms everywhere in the world. Here is how you can use this fabulous web site :

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. In the left hand site of the web site, you can type in the Location, select Check In and Check Out dates. You can also select the Price range and the Hotel Class as per your preferences. Soon you would see a list of hotels based on your selected criteria appear on the right-side of the web page. You can add a hotel to your shortlist by hovering over it and then clicking on Add to shortlist.

    Google hotel finder

  3. If you click on the map thumbnail shown in the left hand side under the Location name, then you can drag around and change the area to find out the hotels and motels in that area. This gives you a flexible way to customize your search in a particular area of your choice. The blue dots shown on the map are the hotels in that area. If you have shortlisted (selected) a hotel, then it would be shown as a red dot.

    Google hotel finder

  4. If you click on a hotel (blue dot), then you would be able to see more details along with many pictures about that hotel. In the details window, you can shortlist a hotel by clicking on the Add to shortlist on the top-right corner.

  5. Once you have gone through all the hotels in the area and shortlisted some of them, you can compare the hotels in the shortlist. If your decide to book a hotel, then simply hover your mouse cursor over it in the shortlist and click on Book and choose a booking web site to book that hotel.

    Google hotel finder

If you are sick of booking hotels from other booking sites, you can try Google Hotels Finder. It has a slick interface through which searching a hotel in any location is very easy. And above all you have a peace of mind knowing that it is an authentic Google service and cannot be just any other scam site. So consult Google Hotel Finder before you set out for enjoying your vacations and stay in the best hotels or motels of your choice.