Design Tees and Earn Commission with Tee Mixer

If you are fed up with T-Shirt designs in the showrooms and online shopping sites, then you can design your own tees at TeeMixer. You can choose a prototype of tees for men, women or kids and add graphics, photos or text to it. You can even share your tee designs with the rest of the world and if someone buys a T-Shirt designed by you, then you earn 10% commission on the sales too. Here is how :

As of 15th May 2014, website has stopped working. As an alternative to, you can try which also allows you to sell your Tee shirt designs and make money.


  1. Visit the Tee Mixer web site at in your web browser. You have to create a free account before you can design your T-Shirt. After creating the account, login to the Tee Mixer site using your credentials.
  2. After having logged in, you would be shown many prototypes of Tees to choose from. You can select Tees for men, women and kids as you wish. Just click on any prototype that you like to proceed.

    Design, Mix, Sell T-Shirts at Tee Mixer

  3. Clicking on the prototype would open a new mixer section where you can design the T-shirt as you choose to. You can choose the colors of the shirt from a given set. The mixer offer very basic tools to add graphics from a fixed collection and add text to the shirt. If you are not happy from the given set of graphics, then you can choose photos from your facebook, Yahoo! Flickr or Google Picassa account. You can even upload your own photos to Tee Mixer and use them to decorate the shirt. When you are done, you can click on the Save & Continue button on the top-right corner to save your design.

    Design, Mix, Sell T-Shirts at Tee Mixer

  4. This brings you to the next step – sharing your design with everyone. You have to type in the title, a brief description and keywords about your design and then click on the Save & Share button to finish.

    Design, Mix, Sell T-Shirts at Tee Mixer

  5. That’s it. You can choose to order your own design or share it with your friends. If someone buys a T-shirt designed by you, then you also earn 10% of the total sales. You can check about the sales from the My Account section in the Tee Mixer.

Tee Mixer is a great place to design T-shirts for everyone, specially teenagers and kids. Tee Mixer has all the possible prototypes and colors to choose from. You can add your own graphics, photos and text to the shirts. And if you are a little creative, you can even start making a little pocket money by selling your shirts.