Have Google+ Notifications Delivered to Your Desktop with G+ Notifier

Google has recently opened its social networking service Google+ to the public. You no longer require any invites to join Google+. If you have a Google account, then you can have your own Google+ account as well. After you have used your Google+ account in your web browser, you may want to integrate it with Windows to have the messages and notifications delivered right to your desktop. The G+ Notifier is such a free program that can help you achieve just that. G+ Notifier is a Windows utility that sits in the notification area and alerts you to notifications in the Google+ social network.

G+ Notifier is programmed in the Microsoft .NET 4 framework and thus requires .NET 4 framework to be installed in Windows. If you have not already installed .NET 4, then you can download it from www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17718

You can download G+ Notifier from http://gplusnotifier.com/. The download is available both as an installable setup program and as a standalone portable program. If you choose to install the G+ Notifier, then it would automatically run after the installation. If you choose the portable edition, then unzip the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive and run DanTup.GPlusNotifier.exe to start the G+ Notifier.

First time you run G+ Notifier, you would be shown options to automatically update to newer versions and to open G+ in browser or in notification window. You can choose as you please, but it is recommended that you keep them at the default settings.

G+ Notifier

Next, you are shown the usual Google login page inside the G+ Notifier window. Type in your Google account credentials to login to Google+ account. After logging in, close the login window. You would see the G+ Notifier icon in the notification area showing the number of unread notifications you have on your Google+ account.

G+ Notifier

You can click on this notification area icon to open the Google+ notifications window which would list all the new notifications. The interface used by G+ Notifier looks similar to using Google+ on your smartphone.

G+ Notifier

If you want, you can log out from the Google+ account in the G+ Notifier using its notification area icon. Just right-click on it and choose Logout. You can also close the G+ Notifier by selecting the Exit from this menu.

G+ Notifier

The G+ Notifier is an open source project and the source code is available from its web site. According to the G+ Notifier developers, it does not attempt to capture your details or post anything to your account without your knowledge – meaning that G+ Notifier is secure and you can trust it with your credentials. So if you want the Google+ notification delievered right to your Windows desktop, then look no further than the free G+ Notifier.

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