How to Re-open Recently Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

If you close a tab accidentally in the Google Chrome browser, then you are left grinding your teeth at this stupid mistake. You found this webpage after searching online for hours and now this webpage has disappeared – just because it was accidentally closed. Do not worry, you can easily re-open that closed tab using an extension called Simple Undo Close Tab. This extension installs an icon near the Chrome toolbar clicking on which you can access all the recently closed tabs. This makes it very easy to re-open any previously closed tabs. Here is how :

  1. Open your Chrome web browser and visit the web page in order to install the Simple Undo Close extension in Chrome browser. Click on the Free add button to start the installation.Simple Undo Close for Chrome

  2. You have to confirm the installation and the Simple Undo Close extension would be installed. Once this Simple Undo Close extension is installed, you can start using it. You would be able to see the undo icon on the top-right corner of the Chrome browser as shown.Simple Undo Close for Chrome

  3. When you close a tab, the Simple Undo Close counter increments and shows you the closed tab count. If you want to see a list of all the closed tabs, then you can just click on the Simple Undo Close icon in the Chrome toolbar. You can click on any of these links in the list to re-open that tab again. You can also search the closed tabs with a search keyword.Simple Undo Close for Chrome

  4. You can right-click on the Simple Undo Close icon and choose Options to open the settings page for this extension. On the settings page you can configure and customize the Simple Undo Close extension to your like.Simple Undo Close for Chrome

Conclusion: The Simple Undo Close extension can help you re-open the closed tabs in your Chrome browser and save your precious time. So if you have accidentally closed any tabs before in the Chrome browser, you should give the Simple Undo Close extension a try.

You can get the Simple Undo Close extension from