Remove Start Menu button in Windows 7 with Start Killer

Everybody knows about the Start Menu button which stays on the left side of the Windows taskbar in the left-bottom corner of your screen. Although most people have large monitors these days, yet some people think that this Start Menu button is a waste of the taskbar space. If you are also one of them then you can easily remove the Start Menu button using a freeware tool called Start Killer. Here is how :

  1. Download Start Killer from The download comes as a setup program startkiller.exe. You have to install it on your Windows computer before you can use.
  2. When Start Killer runs, it would automatically remove the Start Menu button from your taskbar. But you can still access the Start Menu by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Esc or by just pressing the Windows logo key on your keyboard.
  3. The Start Killer would show an icon in the system tray (notification area). You can right-click on this icon and choose Settings to open the Settings window.

    Remove Start Menu Button in Windows 7

  4. In the Settings window you can choose to start the Start Killer everytime you start Windows. You can choose to show or hide its notification area icon if you want. You can also set the option to disable the opening of the Start Menu by pressing the hotkeys (like Windows logo key).

    Remove Start Menu Button in Windows 7

  5. If you exit the Start Killer, the Start Menu button would be visible again.

The Start Killer is a tiny program which can help you hide the Start Menu button at will. This can be useful if you are trying to make some space for your other applications in the taskbar.