Automatically Expand Common Phrases with PhraseExpress

Sometimes we all wish that there should be some way to automatically expand some common abbreviations or acronyms. Just imagine how convenient it would be if you type ASAP and it automatically expands to As Soon As Possible in your document editor. This is specially true if your job involves a lot of typing work. If you also have this feeling then you can try the PhraseExpress tool which is free for personal use.

The PhraseExpress tool saves your keystrokes by expanding text abbreviations into full text snippets. For example, typing sig could insert your signature into any program. You can also add your own custom abbreviations to be expanded. For example, you could set a custom keyboard shortcut so whenever you type “DCT” it automatically expands to “Dear customer you are most valuable to us. We would contact you as soon as possible.” This way the PhraseExpress software can save your precious time and pain of typing so many keystrokes.

The PhraseExpress software is available as an MSI installer. After the installation it would place an icon in the notification area of Windows. If you click on this icon, then you can choose from a list of presets like Famous Quotes, Signatures, Salutations etc. The selected preset phrase would be automatically inserted into the text editor in focus.

Phrase Express

If you want to create a new phrase, then copy that phrase to the clipboard and then select Create new phrase from the notification area icon context menu. Alternatively, you can open the Settings windows for PhraseExpress and then click New phrase button at the bottom. Type in the new phrase description, phrase content, a hotkey and the autokey. Finally save the new phrase by clicking on the OK button. If you now press this hotkey the related phrase would be auto-inserted in the text editor. Also if you type the auto-key abbreviation, then it would be expanded to the selected phrase.

Phrase Express

In the Settings window, you can also choose various other options by choosing the Tools → Settings menu. You can choose like auto-starting with Windows, clipboard cache, auto-detection of unwanted autotexts etc. among many others. So if you find yourself typing the same text over and over again, then check PhraseExpress out. It is free for personal use. The commercial use is determined by the content of the new phrases you create.

You can download the free Phrase Express tool from