Automatically Fade the Taskbar in Windows 7

Windows taskbar has stayed a very useful part of the Windows operating system for many years. It shows all the running programs and also contains the start menu button as well as the notification area. But sometimes when watching a movie or video or viewing a picture, it may prove to be a distracting part. You can always set Windows taskbar to auto hide itself, but a better way is to make the Windows fade out and almost disappear from the desktop. You can use the free Fade Taskbar tool to achieve this.

The free Fade Taskbar tool makes the Windows Taskbar fade out and become transparent when you are not using it. This permits you to make the Taskbar less obtrusive in your desktop. You can see the complete wallpaper and still keep an eye on the notification area icons.

The Fade Taskbar tool comes in a RAR file. Just un-rar it to a folder and run it from there. You may encounter a problem that MSVCR71.DLL is missing. This is because this software was designed using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. If you get that error then you can download the MSVCR71.DLL and put it in the same folder as FadeTaskbar.exe. You can see the download links at the end of this article.

Fade Taskbar

The Fade Taskbar is a standalone program and does not require any installation. As soon as you run it, it will automatically make your Windows taskbar transparent. It also places an icon in your notification area in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can right-click on this icon and choose the opacity level from 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% as shown. By default the opacity is set to 40% which means the Taskbar would auto-fade to 40% when not in use.

Fade Taskbar

So if you have got hold of a really cool wallpaper and want to enjoy the complete view of the wallpaper, then give Fade Taskbar tool a try. It can make your Windows desktop turn into the most envied object in your friends’ circle.

You can download the free Fade Taskbar tool from If you need, you can download the MSVCR71.dll file too.