Configuration Mania Add-on : Access Advanced Settings in Firefox

All the Mozilla Firefox users know the about:config way to access advanced settings in their beloved browser. But this way the settings are not listed category wise but alphabetically which is very confusing for a beginner. Another problem with this method is that there is no description of what a setting can do and what are different possible values. The Configuration Mania add-on solves both of these problems by offering an easy to follow interface where you can access most common advanced settings in a very nice, user friendly and categorized interface.

You can download and install the Configuration Mania add-on in Mozilla Firefox browser like you usually do from its web page. After the installation of this add-on you would see a new item in the menubar labeled Configuration Mania. If you have enabled to view menubar, then it is located under the Tools menu.

Configuration Mania add-on

The Configuration Mania window shows various options categorized in different categories under Browser, Security, UI, Add-ons and Debug. The Browser tab includes options like disabling auto-complete, disabling blinking text or animated images on web sites, fine tuning the session store feature and more. The Security tab includes features that let you control the pop-up window and javascript features. The UI (user interface) tab lets you adjust the settings for the mouse-wheel, multi-touch gestures and more. And the Add-ons and the Debug tabs provide even more tweaks.

Configuration Mania add-on

Most of these settings cannot be accessed otherwise in such an easy to use manner. Using these settings you can tweak Firefox to your own taste and make it perform a tad bit differently than the average Joe. So if you want to tinker with the advanced Firefox settings through a graphical user interface, then try the Configuration Mania add-on.

You can find the Configuration Mania add-on at