WWIFDB : Find Where A Movie Was Filmed

I was watching a movie last night and some of the locations in the background looked like my own city. I was excited but how would I confirm where that movie was filmed ? That’s when one of my friends surprised me with a web site called WWIFDB (where was it filmed database). The WWIFDB web site can give you information about the locations where a movie was shot and which scenes in the movie were filmed at each location. You can also see the street view of those locations where that movie was filmed.

You can visit the WWIFDB web site and you would find a search box where you can type the name of a movie or the name of a location. You can also click on the thumbnails of movie shown at the bottom to find information about those movies. If you type a movie name, the corresponding filming locations would be listed. If you type the name of a location, then a list of the all the movies shot there would be shown.

WWIFDB - Where Was It Filmed Database

If you search for a movie, the locations for each scene are displayed in the left side along with a map of all the locations on the right side. WWIFDB makes use of Google Maps to pin-point the locations on the map, so all the usual features supported by Google Maps also work. Clicking on one of those scenes on the left side list would zoom into the specific location on the map on the right side and would give you some information about that scene as it relates to the movie.

WWIFDB - Where Was It Filmed Database

Clicking on the Street View link would show you the Google Street View of that location. This way you can actually see the pictures of the location and buildings in that area using this convenient technology from Google.

So next time you are watching a movie and think that you recognize that building, just head over to the WWIFDB web site and see if you are right. You can visit the WWIFDB website at http://www.wwifdb.com/.