Daily Challenge : Steps For a Healthy Life

Modern lifestyle has turned us into a vegetable. We spend most of our time on chairs and couches these days. This leaves almost no time to have some healthy activities in the day. If you are also living the life of lazybones, then you should know about the Daily Challenge. The Daily Challenge is a free online service that sends you an e-mail everyday. In the e-mail they send you instructions for an activity that you have to complete during the day. This way you stay motivated towards living a fit and healthy lifestyle from day-to-day.

You can visit the Daily Challenge website and sign up for a free account. You can sign up using your facebook quickly, or you can sign up using the traditional method of registration through your email address. After you have successfully created your MeYouHealth account, you would start receiving daily challenges in your email. You can also view the challenges by logging on to your Daily Challenge account in your web browser.

Daily Challenge

For continuous moticational support, you are given badges, points and tokens to show your progress. A person may not work out if someone tells them to do so but if they earn points and badges for finishing a healthy task, then they tend to take the challenges as a game trying to earn more and more points. You can also share your achievements with others, friends and family. This not only helps you get their support but also inspires them in turn to lead a healthy life.

In addition to daily challenges coming everyday in your email, you can also follow one or more tracks. These tracks are specially designed for completion of a special goal. For example, there is a track called Active Life which is full of daily activities that can help you become an active person in your everyday life. There is a track called Emotional Enrichment which can help you gain more happiness in life, become a cheerful person and beat everyday stress and depression.

Daily Challenge

So if often find yourself spending most of your day in bed or couch, you can get free inspiration to improve your life using the Daily Challenge web site. You can visit the Daily Challenge web site at https://challenge.meyouhealth.com/.