ISO Workshop : Extract, Convert, Create and Burn ISO Images

ISO images are single file images of a CD or DVD. They contain all the contents including the file and folder structures of CDs or DVDs. Windows 7 natively supports ISO images and you can burn and create ISO images. But if you want to perform advanced operations on ISO images, then you might be interested in ISO Workshop. ISO Workshop is a free utility that can help your extract files from CD or DVD images, convert between different image formats like ISO, CUE, BIN etc., create new ISO files and burn an existing ISO image onto a physical CD or DVD.

You can download and install ISO Workshop from its web site at GloryLogic. The download is only 1.7 megabytes and in an installable setup format. During the setup, you are offered to install the Ask Toolbar which is not needed and you may skip installing it. After installing it on your Windows system, you can start using it right away. The main window shows four different tasks – Extract, Backup, Convert and Burn. Just click on a task icon to start the respective process.

ISO Workshop

The Extract task allows you to retrieve files from ISO and other optical disk image formats (including DMG, CUE and BIN). The Backup task allows to convert a physical optical disc into an ISO or CUE image for backup. The Convert task is where you can convert between two different optical image formats. The Burn task allows you to take an ISO file and burn it onto a blank CD or DVD.

So if you need a tool to handle all your ISO image related tasks, then look no further than ISO Workshop. You can download ISO Workshop free from