Delay Startup Items in Windows Using Startup Delayer

Many times we notice that Windows is taking up a really long time during starting up. This is because many applications are configured to be launched at the startup time. This not only consumes your system resources right at the moment when Windows starts up, but it also lengthens the time it takes to fully boot into Windows. There are many solutions to this age old problem including disabling all those startup items from startup locations. But disabling them completely may affect some of the installed programs to stop working. A viable solution is to delay such time consuming applications using a free program called Startup Delayer.

You can download Startup Delayer from its website. The download is available in form of a setup program which you have to install on your Windows system. After the installation it will automatically run or you can run it by double-clicking on its desktop icon. The first thing it asks upon running is its default behavior – which means how fast or slow you want to start Windows. If you choose a faster setting, then most of the startup items would be delayed. If you choose a smoother setting then most of the startup items would be run without any delay.

Startup Delayer

In the Startup Delayer window, you can see a list of all the items which are being automatically started when Windows boots. You can select an item and then choose the delay settings at the bottom of the window. You can choose automatic delay or manual delay. If you choose automatic delay, then the Startup Delayer automatically chooses a delay time for that item. If you choose manual delay, then you can yourself set a time period for delaying that item.

Startup Delayer

Not only the Startup Delayer allows you to delay startup items, but it also allows you to disable any startup items if you want to. To disable an item, you can just drag and drop an item onto the disabled list. The Startup Delayer also has sections for running tasks and system services, which act like task manager and service control panel in Windows respectively.

So if your Windows is taking a longer time to boot, then it may be due to the startup programs and you can make Windows boot faster using the free Startup Delayer. You can download Startup Delayer from