Search Google Without Typing with Google Related in Chrome

Google can find almost anything on the internet and this is why it is number one search engine in the world. But as we all know, we have to type in search terms to search for them in Google. But what if we do not even have to type for searching in Google ? Google Chrome extension Google Related takes Google search further by allowing you to search without even having to type. Using it you can find useful content like videos, news, images and more as you browse the web.

Google Related is a Google extension which enables you to see useful and interesting content as you are browsing the web. You can see relevant maps, reviews, videos and more as you visit your favorite web sites. You can find the Google Related extension on the Google webstore website. Once installed you can see a thin bar at the bottom of your Chrome window. Results from Google Related will appear in this thin bar at the bottom of your screen and can show up on news, local business, shopping, and many more kinds of sites. If Google Related shows you something you are interested in, you can let others know using the built-in Google +1 button.

The following snapshot is taken from browsing the Lady Gaga page on Wikipedia. The thinbar at the bottom shows five videos, five news articles and five web site results as related content to this page. You can hover your mouse over any of them to see a thumbnail view popup. You can click on them to visit the related results.

Google Related

Currently, Google Related supports only websites in English language, as well as some news sites in foreign languages. It is perfectly normal not to see the thinbar at the bottom for some sites – this is because Google Related does not support them (probably because they are not in English). Also for websites not having enough content, Google Related does not show this thinbar at the bottom.

So take your Google Search capabilities to a new level by using the Google Related extension in the Google Chrome web browser. You can download and install Google Related extension from